Be like Jane and Swing baby Swing!


Bikini Jane is a story about every woman with a sense of adventure and looking for one of a kind bikini. Let Bikini Jane be your one “go to” site when in search of swimwear and other unique island treasure’s.

Bikini Jane and La Vida Aloha are a match made in paradise and I’ll tell you why. We like to keep it raw and real! There’s not a factory of endless supply. Every piece is hand made with love and Aloha. The designs you will find here with Bikini Jane are totally exclusive. You won’t find them anywhere else. So when you see a design you love, be sure to swing on by and snatch it fast. Oh and watch out for Tarzan…he will be close by waiting to see you in the sexiest bikini ever!

You can also send us your measurements and Jane will have a suit custom made for you. But just remember that once the fabric is gone, that’s it! You can be assured that you will stand out in our bikini’s no matter where your travels may take you.

Jane’s blog is a work in progress so keep checking back to see our latest and greatest. Bikini Jane will be adding more hard to find island products. We love our community and can’t wait to introduce you to all the shell-tastic discoveries that you can only find in Jane’s jungle! Mahalo and Aloha for now!

There’s Something About Jane!

Bikini,Hawaii,Kauai,tropical,beachMe Jane! You need Bikini! Grab a vine and let me swing you through a jungle of adventure and tropical delights. We are based on a little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean….a little island we call home. Welcome to the intriguing world of Bikini Jane. We are excited to share our passion of quality swimwear with you. Jane’s style screams of sex appeal (look out, Tarzan just hollered back) that will make a statement every time you’re walking that sandy runway, poolside deck or hopping your little snow bunny self into the hot tub. Jane’s adventure began by a chance encounter with a sexy bikini from South America that sparked an interest and passion for bikini’s. She lives on an island so of course that’s all she lives in. But Jane has found a treasure right on her own beach. She’s teamed up with local talent Lennie Collins of La Vida Aloha. La Vida Aloha has landed the pages of Sports Illustrated 4 times and made the cover of the 2016 edition. The unique designs are made from organic hemp cotton and other butter soft fabric’s that simply melts on your skin and will definitely melt the heart’s of onlookers! This is exactly what Bikini Jane has been looking for. Can you feel the warm breeze and sand between your toe’s yet? Oh yah, you can!!!